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Features and Benefits

  •  Pure Sine Wave Output Suitable for Electrical and Electronics gadgets
  •  100% Copper Transformer design for long life and it delivers high charging current for quick charging of battery
  •  LCD display for better user interface
  •  Multi Stage Charging technique for superior performance of battery
  •  High Charging current of 15A for faster recharging of battery
  •  Wide Operating Voltage range, charges battery even at low voltage, increases battery life
  •  Enhanced Output Voltage for better performance of loads
  •  Less Change-over time suitable to use computer, IT Peripherals etc..
  •  *IGBT based PWM technology for better power handling capacity
  •  *Inbuilt TDR for Compressor based loads like AC,Refrigerators etc..

* Product feature applicable to 5.0kVA and above ratings

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