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Features and Benefits

Design Features User Benefits
Sealed maintenance free VRLA technology Does not emmit acid fumes, Environment friendly.
AGM Seperator No-Topping-up, better oxygen recombination efficiency and user friendly.
Innovative Radgrid™ with patented heavy duty alloy for positive grids. Increases cycle life with superior high rate discharge performance, reduces regular replacement of batteries.
Instacharge™ a patented paste recipe Quick recharge capability, suitable for frequent power cut area.
Modular design with low foot print Suitable for Homes, Offices, and Business centers.
Robust design with Lip and Tongue heat sealing for container integrity Hermitically sealed and non spillage of acid, suitable to install anywhere inside the home/office/business centers.
Rugged Flappon™ terminal protector Prevent external short circuit, provides higher safety.

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