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Solar Priority Charge Controller (SPCC)

Features and Benefits

  •  Well-suited for any make Home UPS/Inverter to convert it as a Solar UPS/Inverter.
  •  Suitable for Single/Double battery (12V/24V)
  •  Auto changeover from Solar <-> Battery/Grid, no need to switch OFF the Grid supply manually.
  •  Pre-loaded Priority logics with high efficient charge controller helps to reduce power bill.
  •  3 stages charging through Solar for fast recharging of battery.
  •  Wall mountable, Sleek design and easy to install.
  •  User friendly LCD displays Solar Power generation, Grid/Solar/Battery ON etc.
  •  Electronically protected from Battery/Panel reverse, Short circuit, surge, Transient and also protects Battery from over- charge/deep- discharge

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