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Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)

Features and Benefits

Design Features User Benefits
Built-in Automatic Volatage Regulator (AVR) Suitable even for voltage fluctuations
Highly efficient Maximum Power Point tracking (MPPT) Technology used Tracks maximum power and yields higher output from solar PV, reduces electicity bill
Pure Sine Wave Output Optimises life of appliances / gadgets
Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS) No manual intervention required to enhance solar power usage, thereby reducing electricity bill
Sleep mode gets activated under no load condition Minimizes electricity consumption, thereby reducing electricity bill
Intelligent battery charging technique Suitable for ULM/Tubular/SMF Lead Acid Batteries
Smooth transition during change over Ensures no disturbance to electronic/electrical appliances
Protection against battery / Solar PV reverse polarity, Spikes & Surges, Double Phase and Phase reversal User-Friendly fault proof installation and commissioning
Easy wall-mount installation Resulting in reduced floor space
LED and LCD display User-Friendly indications of system operation along with Instant & Cumulative power generation details

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